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Coin Flipper

A simple and fun Discord bot

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Coin Flipper is a fun and customizable Discord bot that can flip coins, start minigames, and do much more! From minigames to lottery tickets to a full-blown currency, there are plenty of fun commands that will liven up your server! Some of these include:

Flipping Coins

The main feature and purpose of Coin Flipper is to, well, flip coins! Flip them regularly, or use an addon like extra or opposite to spice things up!

Awesome Currency

Coin Flipper includes a currency called Cents. You can get cents by flipping coins, winning minigames, getting lottery tickets, betting flips, and more! You can also spend them on cool items that you can show off!

Lots of Fun

Overall, Coin Flipper is a simple yet addicting Discord bot. If you want your server to be more fun or active, or just want to liven things up a little, Coin Flipper is the perfect bot!

See who is using Coin Flipper:



See who is using Coin Flipper:



So, what are you waiting for? Invite Coin Flipper today!