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Update Log

Updates with a 🦟 are bug fixes

Version 1.10.2 - The Choice Minigame Patch

+ Added a new minigame type - choose! It features the new discord buttons
+ Added back the superleaderboard
+ Added a cooldowns command which shows your current cooldowns
~ Donators have new perks: they can raise costs of their custom addons to 1500 cents, they get more cents in work, vote, daily, monthly, lottery, dropship, and explore commands, and the donator status is featured in info
~ Put the hammer item in the status command
- Removed partners command
🦟 Leaderboard works better (still not completely fixed)
🦟 Fixed the settings in userinfo not showing the emojis sometimes
🦟 Fixed the bug that you could mine without a pickaxe

Version 1.10.1 - The Karate Fix Patch

🦟 Fixed the hammer item not being able to be specified
🦟 Fixed the karate setup command not being able to be used
🦟 Fixed opening multiple briefcases at once
🦟 Fixed supporter badge not being able to be claimed
🦟 Fixed the searchaddon command so it could work
🦟 Fixed the to the world achievement
🦟 Fixed not being able to get 2000 cents from a lottery ticket
🧰 Added an analytics dev command

Version 1.10 - The Trading Time Update

+ Added a new trading system along with trading commands trade, addtrade, removetrade, finish, and cancel
+ Added the hammer item, which gives more gems and rocks in mining
+ Added 2 new pickaxes for mining
+ Added a rebirth command for mining, which resets all your mining data in turn for a permanent booster
+ Added 26 different achievements to collect, along with the achievements command
+ Added the addresponses and searchaddon commands
+ Made it possible to specify the response number in the flip command when using your own custom addons
+ Added a flipboard command which shows the top 10 coin flippers of all time, no matter the server
+ Added server addons, which are addons that you can add to a server so that anyone in that server can use them
+ Added custom addon inputs (with {{}} instead of {}) so that you can input your own data
~ Made built-in notifications different from letters in your mailbox
~ Changed the price of the ice cube to 25 cents to make it worth it
~ Expanded the explore command so each area is unique and has its own way of finding cents and losing them
~ Changed the footer of shop, addonshop, karate tutorial, and achievements to how to switch pages
- Removed reaction menus in shop and karate tutorial
🦟 Removed the Manage Messages permission from shop and karate tutorial
🦟 Fixed the pickaxe emoji being [object Object] when you upgraded
🦟 Made a true/false converter for the true/false emojis so they wouldn't be wrong again if they were changed
🦟 Added the word "cents" to the withdraw and deposit commands ("You deposited 3 into your register!")
🧰 Added the bugs command to devhelp

Version 1.9.1 - The Banana Fix Patch

🦟 Fixed the banana pickaxe

Version 1.9 - The Mining & Speed Update

+ Added pickaxe item, mining commands, pickaxes, and a new mining inventory (Thanks to Mr Spooky for designing the pickaxe emojis)
+ Added ice cube item
+ Added a page label to the karate tutorial
~ Made pin and given pin different items
~ Made dynamite give 250 cents (instead of 100) on each explosion
~ Changed the category of some commands in the help command
~ Changed the quit cost of a job to 50 cents instead of 10
~ Made the daily command an embed
🦟 Fixed badges and other emojis showing
🦟 Made minigames case-sensitive
🦟 Fixed niceness badge being given every time the conditions were met
🦟 Fixed bots responding to minigames
🦟 Fixed the vote command not giving cents
🦟 Fixed when using "all" when opening briefcases it giving no cents
🦟 Made devhelp only be usable for users with a toolbox
🦟 Fixed users not being reset when they declined or not answered a battle request
🦟 Fixed label and microphone having swapped prices in the market
🦟 Fixed the shop page argument not working
🦟 Fixed the badges command to show the badges correctly
🦟 Removed the out of order signal from the karate tutorial
🧰 Updated command handler to run much faster and be easier to work with
🧰 Added event handler to run faster as well
🧰 Added tools folder to keep track of important tools easier

Version 1.8 - The Usefulness Update

+ Added a response for every item in the use command
+ Added the pin and master uniform items
+ Added a permanent multiplier for donators
+ Added addon inputs and addoninputs command
+ Added checkaddon command and better profanity checking in custom addons
+ Added lifetime stats to userinfo command
+ Added commands run and most popular command in botinfo command
+ Added cloneaddon and viewresponse commands
+ Added argument to the shop command to inspect items
+ Added the support server link to the ban message
+ Added new karate belts and changed the requirements for some belts
+ Added donate command
~ Made it possible to add multiple coins in the addcoin command
~ Made items more organized so its easier to keep track of and add items
~ Included giveitem, dynamite, partners, and karate setup commands in help command
~ Changed job requirements of accountant and celebrity
~ Made dynamite give 100 cents each time and have a cooldown of 1 second
~ Made the gold trophy more expensive
~ Decreased the gold disk to 2x instead of 2.5x
~ Changed the lucky penny into the lucky clover
~ Raised the briefcase cents a bit
~ Moved setcost to below setdescription in the help command
~ Moved setaddress to below sendletter in the help command
- Removed karate accept and karate decline from the help command
🦟 Fixed karate tutorial to include the battling page
🦟 Fixed karate battling so it could actually work
🦟 Fixed customization category formatting
🚧 Updated website to include new pages, work on mobile, and look nicer

Version 1.7.4 - The Multiple Patch

+ Added the giveitem command
+ You can buy multiple items with the buy command
+ You can give "all" or "max" cents in the give command
~ You can use "max" instead of "all" where "all" is accepted
🦟 Trash works again

Version 1.7.3 - The Prefix Patch

+ Added custom prefixes
+ New exclusive badge category in the badges command
+ Bug hunting system to keep track of bugs
+ Better links command with invite, support server, & legal in one
~ The dev badge is exclusive to the Development Team
~ Updated donator badges to match the new tiers
🦟 Stopped invalid cents in betting

Version 1.7.2 - The Compact Patch

+ Added compact mode so you don't flood the chat
+ Added updating addons with the publishaddon command
+ Added dynamite item for 1 million cents
~ Allowed uppercase addon names
~ Changed partner requirement to 350 servers

Version 1.7.1 - The Balance Patch

+ Weekly command tells you when you can claim it next
+ Donators can change their address to anything
+ You can open multiple briefcases at once
+ Added a balance bug checker if someone's cents are NaN, Infinity, or undefined
~ Balanced the economy by changing command amounts
~ Changed adress to address in all commands
🦟 Fixed the object Object bug when deleting addons
🦟 Fixed the minigame timing bug
🦟 Fixed the unplug command so it would actually work

Version 1.7 - CoinTopia

+ Revived karate battling
+ Revived custom addons with an adjustable cost
+ Added addon shop and CoinTopia market
+ Added the CoinTopia Tower
+ Added mail and addresses
+ Userinfo, setcost, flipbet, market, addonshop, buyaddon, publishaddon, addcoin, mail, plug, unplug, sendletter, address, and setaddress commands
+ Added devhelp command
+ Added online category for server settings and online category in the help command
+ Donators have a better chance of getting a briefcase
+ Added flipbets
~ Improved evil mode to be more evil
~ Made specifying commands in the help command faster and more optimal
~ Lowered briefcase amount so they're less OP
~ Updated ToS and Privacy Policy
~ Made aliases faster and more optimal
~ Added support as an alias for supporter in the claim command
~ Updated the website help page which was very outdated
- Removed annoying new belt message in the train addon
🦟 Fixed the bug when specifying a user in the bal command
🦟 Fixed brown belt error that wouldn't show
🦟 Stopped @everyone and @here pings in karate setup
🦟 Fixed links command
🦟 Fixed a bunch of typos

Version 1.6 - The Evil Update

+ Added evil mode which makes the bot more cruel and unforgiving
+ Revived banning
+ Revived karate (besides battling)
+ Added cookie and controller items
+ Revived the redeem command
+ You can now buy multiple items in the karate buy command
+ Added a coin flipping category for server settings
~ Changed partner requirement to 150 servers
~ Changed the coin command to be in an embed
~ Made permissions extra permissions when specifying commands in the help command
🦟 Hid codes so no one could see them
🦟 Fixed the lottery ticket color
🦟 Implemented catch statement when sending messages and embeds

Version 1.5 - The Badges Update

+ Added new badge graphics (thanks to X-Boy742 for designing them)
+ Added golden badges
+ Added smoothie item
+ Revived minigame, leaderboard, and dropship commands
+ Added coin and links commands
~ Changed command specifying system to look better and give more information
~ Changed bal aliases
~ Increased gamer job requirement
~ Included vote and weekly commands to help command
~ Made donators have smaller cooldowns
- Removed 1 minute cooldown from minigames
🦟 Added guildCreate event to update status

Version 1.4 - The Engineering Update

+ Added cloud firestore database
+ Added a new command handler (thanks to AsyncBanana)
+ Added vote command
~ Improved penny, dime, and train addon responses
- Removed Enmap database and data loss
- Removed website and channel commands
🦟 Fixed "1.7" typo in 24 addon
🦟 Fixed typo of 500 cents in shop

Version 1.3.4 - The Donator Patch

+ Added donator roles and badges
+ Added weekly command for donators
+ Added more donator perks that you can find in the support server

Version 1.3.3 - The Polishing Patch

+ Added status and redeem commands
+ Partnered with Rock Paper Scissors and added rps command
~ Revamped help command into subcategories
~ Inventory shows multiple of one item
~ Updated badge requirements
~ Changed getprize to claimprize
🦟 Made custom addons usable

Version 1.3.2 - The Restore Patch

+ Revived custom addons (v1)
+ Revived explore command (v1)
+ Revived banning (v1)
~ Updated Privacy Policy

Version 1.3.1 - The Data Loss Fix Patch

+ Fixed data loss (temporary: v1)

Version 1.3 - Custom Addons

+ Added custom addons and the addon shop
+ Added platinum disk, compass, and package items
+ Added new extra addon responses
+ Added banning
~ Scaled down lottery to be harder to win
~ Included karate commands in the help command
~ Set a cooldown to lottery
🦟 Fixed explore info in the help command
🦟 Embed pages check for permissions
🦟 Added ensure in the give command

Version 1.2.1 - The Bug Fixes Patch 1

+ Added explore, botinfo and serverinfo commands
+ Added Privacy Policy
~ Implemented better cooldowns for flip, dropship, and explore commands
🦟 Fixed invite link granting permissions
🦟 Fixed buying the broken 8-ball and the 24k gold medal
🦟 Made it check for permissions
🦟 Made the unscramble minigame work
🦟 Fixed NaN giving bug
🦟 Fixed not being able to take 24k gold medals, broken 8-balls, band-aids, soap, or fuel out of the trash
🦟 Fixed help command permissions

Version 1.2 - The Dropship Update

+ Added the dropship command
+ Added website and channel commands
+ Added a note after buying a key
+ Added a reminder after buying a trophy
+ Added buying multiple items at once
+ Added a dollar coin type to karate
+ Added 24k gold medal and broken 8-ball to the shop
+ Added swipe and slice abilities
+ Added fuel to the karate shop
+ Added doctor, teacher, and fighter jobs
+ Added the bug hunter badge
~ Updated the help command to specify individual commands
~ Scaled down karate HP
~ Register collects cents before opening it
~ Updated celebrity requirement for the super leaderboard
🦟 Fixed the in a battle bug in karate
🦟 Made disabling karate in a server work
🦟 Transferred minigame info into the database

Version 1.1 - The Karate Update

+ Added karate coins
+ Added superleaderboard and version commands
+ Added custom prefixes
+ Added new extra addon responses